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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  July 18, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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training scandal, did baltimore training emts cheat on a critical test? >> hello everyone i'm vic carter. >> and i'm mary bubala in for denise koch. here is what people are talking about tonight. >>wjz is live. derek valcourt with more on the scandal. >> reporter: keep in mind firefighters have to go through two sets of testing. any cadet has to learn how to fight fires or how to become a paramedic an emt. and it is the emt testing that
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has come into question just last week. last thursday, cadets were over at the public safety academy testing for their emt certification by the state when it became apparent to state officials administering the test that the cadets had some of the confidential testing material ahead of time. sources tell me this was a class in the range of about 20 cadets. and that the investigation may be centering whether instructors were giving students material and scenarios they would be tested on in advance of the exam. the fire chief has stopped all training we spoke to him. >> we got official notice last thursday late afternoon that they had concluded that there had been an occurrence in what they termed cheating on a practical exam.
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>> reporter: so for now, we are told that the cadets will continue their fire academy training perhaps training some more over at the fire suppression training facility over on polasky highway while this entire matter continues to be under investigation. we're live, derek valcourt, wjz eyewitness news. der ek, thank you. we'll have more on what fire chief pratt says new at 11:00. two key members of bob ehrlich's staff are being accused of trying to keep people from the polls. mike hellgren has details of their not guilty pleas just hours ago. >> reporter: both of them walked out of this courthouse confidently despite they face more than 20 years in jail each. >> was there in any way an
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effort to discredit african american voters? >> absolutely not. >> reporter: henson is at the front of the controversy. but he says this phone message was no political trick. >> president obama and governor o'malley are okay, relax, everything is fine, the only thing left is to watch it on tv tonight. >> the five state prosecutors and the attorney general of the united states should read the constitution. the speech clause in the constitution says that political speech is free. >> reporter: henson was working for former republican governor bob ehrlich's campaign to unseat governor o'malley. >> this is something by ben carton, o'malley, just to punish people who disagree on what goes on with the democratic party. >> reporter: another high level campaign aid paul sherlock pleaded not guilty. prosecutors say he wanted to
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confuse and frustrate african american democrats. his lawyer. >> i am very confidence in taking this case and defending a man who i believe is innocent. >> no law was violated. nothing in that call was not true. >> reporter: and henson has work on a number of democratic campaigns as well over the years. these calls went out in baltimore city and prince george's county. live at the mitchell courthouse, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. all right, mike. thank you. a judge sets a trial date for both shorock and henson for september 22nd. getting ready for another round of extreme heat. these workers downtown are trying to stay cool. it's already pretty hot but it's going to get worse. these children trying to stay cool by playing in the water. and sitting down outside to each lunch can be uncomfortable. some people just can't resist that urge to exercise as this man goes shirtless to try
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to stay cool. wjz is live with first warning weather forecast coverage. bob turk and bernadette woods are here right now. >> reporter: it's warm and relatively humid. it's going to get worse. 94, 77 oakland: it makes it feel like 95 when you combine it with the dewpoint. lucky folks up in the mountains. bernadette woods joins me now to look at the nation's temperatures and what we can expect later this week. >> you keep hearing this extreme heat, this is where it is right now. the middle of the country. you can see it from canada straight down to texas and that's the air that's moving in our direction. 98degrees in minneapolis with an incredible heat index right now. all of that is moving our way. tomorrow as the cold front goes through, a little halt before it arrives, but the second half of the week we will be feels it and we'll have the forecast back inside. 10 years ago a train
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derailment in a downtown tunnel paralyzed baltimore. the howard street tunnel led to major changes in the way first responders would handle in a similar crisis. adam may takes us behind the scenes of a detailed training exercise. >> reporter: for the 20 emergency agencies run through an emergency training scenario. the derailment triggered a dangerous chemical fire, burned for six days. shut down parts of the city and left firefighters puzzled wondering what was burning and how to put it out. >> this was not happening ten years ago. these kind of drills. >> absolutely not. not on the frequent frequency
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or level of intensity. >> reporter: mayor drake says the city is now better prepared. >> we've learned that commitment to our partnerships is what's going to keep the city safe. >> reporter: a spokesman for the train company says they've improved safety and training. >> we invest a lot of time and energy and money in making sure those lines are safe. >> because loads of hazardous chemicals continue moving under the streets of baltimore. adam may, wjz eyewitness news. the howard street tunnel is more than 100 years old. replacing it could cost more than a billion dollars. a wild police chase through baltimore city into anne arundel county sends a city officer to the hospital. the officer was chasing a drug suspect down the vwi park way when the driver tried to ram the officers car, he swerved and ended up in the median. the man ran into the anne
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arundel mall and tried to blend in with shoppers, he was arrested. as danielle knotting ham reports, neither sides are gaining much support. >> reporter: lawmakers say they are willing to work over the weekend to get a deal on the debt ceiling. but so far there's no agreement on what that deal should be. the tea party backed proposal opposing a debt ceiling increase. cut cap and balance isn't likely to make it through the senate where democrats are in control. they want a deal that includes tax increases and $4 trillion in spending cuts. >> i ask what it will take for my republican colleague to wake up to the fact that they're playing a game of political chicken with the entire global
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economy. >> reporter: republicans are standing their ground and refuse to accept any tax hikes. >> washington needs strong medicine. to heal its spending addiction now. >> reporter: most of the negotiations are happening here on capitol hill but the president is deeply involved. he met with republican leaders sunday night at the white house. ideally lawmakers need to reach reach an agreement by friday. mitch mcconnell and harry reed have yet another idea. they are said to be working on a plan to raise the debt ceiling. but lawmakers say that's a first approach to avoid the
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biggest financial crisis in history. during this weekend's orioles, cleveland series the fans donated 600 pounds of food, that was more than double what was collected last year. we are a proud sponsor of the food drive. you see my bucket is so heavy i have to rest it on my legs there. there was so much money in there. >> i like it. the cleveland fans are great with the cash. definitely. and cleveland fans great with the food. and phone hacking scandal. more resignations rock murdoch. and a mysterious death. people in howard county have a new tool to track down
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lost loved ones. i'm monique greigo we're going to tell you how cell phone towers are giving them peace of mind. even hotter temperatures headed this way. how bad will it get? stick around for the first warning weather forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police are looking for the man who attempted to rob a gas station, shot an employee on a busy road. jessica cartalia is live and has the latest on the investigation for us, jessica. >> reporter: good evening mary,
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a motive in that incident is still unknown. but police say they need your help. police say an armed man walked into this exxon station. >> fired his gun. shot the attendant and fled the scene shortly thereafter. >> reporter: it happened at 11:00 saturday night in what police are calling a botched robbery attempt. it's unclear if the man got away with any cash. the shooting took place across the street from the chesapeake medical center. but the person's injuries required the victim to be flown to shock trauma. police say he was last scene wearing a black ski mask, black shirt and black sneakers. >> we're asking anyone that witnessed anything, whether they think it was suspicious or not around that time, it may be helpful to us to call us.
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the bel air police department. at last check the victim was still recovering at shock trauma. busted a man arrested with thousands of dollars in contraband cigarettes. more than 3,000 packs of illegal cigarettes were found in a man's car in white plains charles county. the cigarettes are valued at more than $18,000. peace of mind, that's what howard county is giving people who's loved ones suffer from dementia and other mental illness. >> reporter: at 68, olga is
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very active. that's why her daughter devastated when she was told she had alzheimer. candy did some research and found that the police department is the first in the state to use breakthrough bracelet technology. >> we know it's being used in other places successfully. >> reporter: they use watch like devices to track lost loved ones who suffer of mental illness or dementia. >> it's low jack in the 21st century. >> reporter: the old program used radio transmission to track people and it only had a radio of 5 miles. these new bracelets work just like a cell phone meaning they can find anyone as long as they're near a cell phone tower. >> we can locate a person's exact locations. >> candy says her mom cannot take the watch off on her own. >> this is a little tricky,
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even for me. it gives me a little bit of breathing room. i feel more comfortable. >> reporter: in order to get the device, your loved one has to be diagnosed with mental issues. astronauts say their final farewells to the international space station. >> when we close that hatch, we're closing a chapter in the history of this nation. >> reporter: the commander of the atlantis, christopher ferguson left an american flag on the space station. this is the astronaut's last mission in the 30 year shuttle program. >> what do you use to stick a flag on the side of a shuttle? you use velcro maybe? it's not like it's going to plow off? >> i wonder how much they're
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going to charge for luggage on those flights. >> oh you know it. snacks and wine as well. 94 still, southwest winds at 12 and the dewpoint is down a bit but it's going to go up again later this week. we'll take a look at those numbers right after this. ,,,,,,,,,,
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here's a live look outside right now. being out on the water, that's where it would be nice to be right now, bob. >> that's a cool spot. look at how calm it is out there, very quiet. on the water certainly the next several days or any where in air-conditioning: please take it easy. in the afternoon we're going to have heat indexes about 100 degrees. by the end of the week it'll be over 100 degrees. so it's going to be tough on everyone. we do have a slight chance of a little relief with some widely scattered showers late tonight and tomorrow. let's take a look at temps. we are down to 93. 91 in washington, 77 the cool spot. oakland, ocean city with a nice breeze. just dropped to 82 degrees. so the ocean breeze does kick in when the lane gets hot the winds come off the ocean. drops to the low 80s which is
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not too bad. 62 the dewpoint. it's been in the mid-60s all day long. but later this week, if the due point gets in the 70s that's when it gets humid. that's when it gets hot for people in the region. a little cooler in annapolis but it's also humid. 87. 95-70 today. the average now is up to 88. that's your average high and it stays that way for about the next ten days. this is the warmest time of the entire year on average and it's going to be this year. 66 the average low. 102 the record high. way back in 1887 and the record low 58 pretty warm 1976. right now we have a southwest wind around the region. at least it's keeping a little bit of a breeze going. if you're in the shade it's not really bad. to our north, frontal system, showers and storms this afternoon. raining in new york and pennsylvania. very widely scattered right now but there's a slight chance
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this evening, a couple of showers out near redding and alan town might make it into northern maryland. probably northeast maryland. another batch for severe thunderstorms watch right now for garrett county until 10:00. some of these showers moving southeast toward garrett. far west of allegheny county. baltimore area, some of this stuff near harrisburg might get here tonight. also tomorrow with the frontal vicinity may be a shower. once that front goes through. slightly drier for wednesday. then after that here comes the heat right back toward the region for the end of the week. northwest wind at five to 10 knots. the bay temp around 80. tonight, maybe a shower, thundershower overnight. 71 by morning. probably in the mid-70s or higher in the city. low 90s again tomorrow. muggy, yes, probably stickier than today. a shower or thundershower possible. if you get under those over you, it might cool you off for
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a while. but don't stand under a tree. and baltimore port welcomed the largest container boat ever. weighs more than 170,000-tons and is nearly as long as an aircraft carrier. the port is finishing work on larger shipping berths which means more jobs for the region. muzzles by the millions made a choice of their movie of the week end. harry potter shattered movie records. thousands of fans in baltimore are part of the outstanding box office bonanza. >> we love harry. >> harry potter put a record breaking spell over the box office this weekend. pulling in $168.5 million the biggest opening weekend in movie history. >> fans lined up at amc lowe's
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marsh landing. where fion amc intosh and daughter laura told me. >> i think the stories are incredible and it's fun. >> there's a real potter whirlwind in england now so it's cool. >> reporter: this is the eighth and final film in the harry potter franchise. >> it's the end of my childhood. that's how i feel about it. >> i started reading the book when i was in second grade. so this is really like my whole childhood coming to an end. >> reporter: the harry potter box office take is simply staggering. $476million in ticket sales over the weekend around the world. >> it's very adventurous and exciting. and like, i think that it's so cool how they can actually do all the magic. >> reporter: box office magic for the ages.
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ron max, wjz eyewitness news. >> reporter: harry potter deathly hollows part two took in over $43 million at special midnight screens and made over $92 million just on friday. the biggest single day take in movie history. >> i'm a little tardy. i still need to finish watching part one. >> my goodness, get on it. just do a marathon of them and then go see this because this is good. >> okay, i'll hold you to it. still to come, out of jail and out of sight. where is casey anthony hiding? >> summer to the extreme.
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we're now just seconds away from 6:30. good evening everyone and thank you for staying with wjz. it's hot here but it's hot across most of the country.
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that heat is coming here next. wjz has first warning weather coverage beginning with manuel gallegus in new york. >> reporter: from the northeast, to the plain, to the south americans are sweltering. and doing whatever they can to keep cool. if your job is outside you get creative. >> i have my rag soaked in some cold water just trying to stay cool out here, it's hot. >> reporter: more than 40 states will be sizzling in the 90s or above again this week. >> take into account the humidity. it already feels into the upper 90s. and up and up we will go. >> reporter: in arizona it's the 20th day above 100 degrees. at a theme park in omaha they are tossing ice in the swimming tool to keep swimmers from melting. it's already hot here in the northeast and it's about to get even hotter. the stifling heat wave over the middle of the country is now headed this way.
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in many states the heat is more than just uncomfortable, 1/3 of the u.s. is struggling with drought. the last five months have been the driest on record in texas. crops, cattle and the local economies are suffering. many ranchers can't grow enough hay to feed their animals. >> we're in survival mode. we are just trying to survive and do the best we can until conditions get better. >> reporter: as the weak goes on, forecasters say more records will probably be broken and we won't know the full severity of summer until it's over. manuel gallegos. first warning weather coverage continues with bob turk and bernadette woods. >> take a look at temps now we're down to 93. only 77 oakland. the dewpoint at 76 makes it feel like it's 96 degrees out there. it will get a lot worse as far as temperatures and humidity
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goes. bernadette woods in the outback. kind of warm out there but it's going to get warmer by the end of the week. she has a look at those numbers. >> this is why it's going to heat up. take a look at numbers over the middle of the country. what that story was just about. we're up to 97 in minneapolis, 97 in dallas. 100 plus in dallas. that air is moving our way. so tomorrow, cold front comes through, we're still in the 90s. kind of halts this warm up by the end of the week. that is when we will feel it in full force. temperatures approaching 97 degrees. back inside. bernadette, thank you. the surgeon general continues tonight for a suspect -- the search continues tonight for a suspect involved in a car crash. two men shot a man and stole his car on liberty heights avenue. the two then led police in a chase crashing the car on bell and bell avenues. the suspect was arrested at the scene. but police are still looking for is second suspect. also tonight anne arundel county police need your help to
6:33 pm
find a driver who struck a man riding his bike then left him to die. megan mcconnel has -- mccorckel. >> reporter: police have just released the vehicle the suspect was driving, it was a black hyundai sonata. police say the driver stopped, looked to see what happened outside of her car, then drove off. there is now a death that could be connected to the phone hacking scandal in britain. it comes as the scandal spreads taking down some of london's top cops. >> reporter: the reporter who blew the whistle on alleged phone hacking at the news of the world has been found dead at his home in england. sean horn's death does not appear to be suspicious.
6:34 pm
the development comes on the same day as senior london police officer resigned. assistant commissioner john yates decided not to reopen an investigation two years ago into allegations the paper was tapping phones. >> i have acted with complete integrity and my conscious is clear. >> reporter: yates' registration resignation comes in the heels of the police chief stepping down monday. he's cutting his trip to south africa short as he trys to convince the public the investigation will be conducted. brooks was arrested over the
6:35 pm
weekend and released on jail. she spent hours answering questions about what she knew about hacking while she was in charge. >> she is not guilty of any criminal offense. police have arrested at least 10 people in connection with the investigation. but no one has been charged with any crime yet. in london, tina krauss. tomorrow's hearings in parliament will be televised. sky news reports that news corp. has hired a senior lawyer to conduct an internal probe. time now to look at some of the stories you will find on tomorrow's edition of baltimore sun. the state is looking for a new way to direct revenue by collecting taxes on travel sites. for these stories and more look
6:36 pm
for tomorrow's edition of baltimore sun. we have sad news to report, kelly saunders has died of cancer. she worked here at wjz in the 80s and 90s. she was the first woman in the nation to do a pa job at a major league baseball game. leading the way for other women to follow. saunders was just 68 years old when she died and of course our staff here will miss her very much. still to come, the congressman and gunman, what happened when an armed man breaks into a representatives house. highway tragedy, the investigation into a deadly tour bus crash in new york. i'm bob turk, first warning weather center very hot end of the week. headed our way for the weekend as well. we have the exclusive five day forecast. wjz13 is always on. here are the top stories, for the instant updates on all the day's news, log on to ,
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a tour bus crashes injuring some and killing others. witnesses say they heard a loud bang just before the accident. investigators think it may have been a tire blow out. casey anthony is a free woman. but only a few people know where she is and what she plans to do next. >> casey anthony may be free. but she walked out of the orange county jail confined to a life of infamy. despite the protesters gathered for sunday's release still angered that the 23-year-old was acquitted for her daughter's murder. anthony relished her newfound
6:41 pm
freedom. anthony's apartments don't even know where she is. after they contacted casey's attorney, all they received was a text saying she is okay. they hasn't spoken to their daughter since 2008, but now want to speak to her. >> same as the things to be managed. her civil attorney says emotionally anthony is a mess. >> he's going to need a period of solitude, of prayer, of quiet reflection. >> reporter: but it may be difficult for anthony to even find empathy. especially on the same day that people marched for her daughter caylee on the day she went
6:42 pm
free. >> reporter: casey anthony still faces legal problems. the group that searched for caylee is suing her for $100,000. prosecutors are also looking to be paid for their investigation. roberterson's chief of staff says the 77-year-old wrestled with a suspect and tried to get the gun out of his hand. >> the governor did the same thing anybody would do if their family was in trouble. >> reporter: the congressman's grandson confronted the suspect with a gun and he ran away. mandela celebrated his birthday with family today.
6:43 pm
the united nations also recognizes today as nelson mandela international day. >> he was the only person i was ever excited to meet. >> you met him. >> oh, yeah. bob shaffer has a preview of what's coming up tonight on the wjz evening news. >> as the shuttle's last flight wind down, we will look at what could be america's next manned space vehicle. that story tonight on the cbs evening news. here's a look at tonight's closing numbers from wall street. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,, [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good.
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>> another steamy summer evening, but take a look outside. keep those water bottles handy. >> at any point during the day, as the cold front slowly passes through the region.
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we start up in the 70s. we top out in the 90s. but then comes the real heat. for the rest of that here's bob. >> it looks like tomorrow, with a risk of a thunderstorms. so hot 94 and humid. same thing for wednesday, still very humid again. even hotter and still humid very, very tough going. thursday, friday and saturday. upper 90s some locations probably getting close to 100, maybe even 101. mary. >> bob, thank you. a sneak peak at the upcoming season of the good wife mark has more from hollywood. >> coming up on entertainment tonight, julie caught in a love triangle. will she stay with her husband or leave him for her boss. we're uncovering sexy secrets. season one awaited with a long kiss and a hotel room.
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a scene that sent will fans aflutter. >> it's set up very nicely. >> so where does that leave fans of team peter. >> the season will not disappoint, i can tell you that. >> reporter: a brand new time slot, it's now on sunday nights. >> it's a big night for tv. i'm really honored. and for me personally because i got to do six episodes of the sopranos i feel that's a lucky spot. >> and also tonight, a look at the reasons for jennifer lopez and mark anthony's split. and boston is in town for a
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mark is live at oriole park with the wjz the fan sports report. mark the o's looked good if their last two games. >> two in a row. now the boston red sox are back. they're tired of red sox thinking they can play with different rules than everybody else. the o's are fighting and fighting is exactly what happened when these two teams met about a week and a half ago. and that fight will impact what goes on here tonight. they've agreed to sit out the three game series for a one game reduction for what were originally four game suspensions. so no greg, no ortiz and mike pitcher gonzalez is still
6:53 pm
waiting for his appeal on a three game suspension. i asked both oriole pitchers about the significance of standing up to a team like the boston red sox. >> i hope our team always has a chip on their shoulder. you have something to prove every time you go in between the white lines. guys are learning that. we're getting the experience in stepping together as a team. it's all pact fact of it. >> i don't think anybody likes to be bullied. it's a thing you have to do what you have to do. it's part of the game. it's been part of the game for as far as you can remember. it's a thing when it's done, it's over with and we're starting all over again. >> reporter: brad bergensen is the starting pitcher. or kwhrol
6:54 pm
oriole hitters will be hitting at tim wakefield. first pitch 7:05 you can watch it right here on wjz. scoreless for nearly six hours, when dustin padrolla delivered a single, the difference in a 1- 0 sox win. the o's can only hope boston is worn out a bit for the start of the season here tonight. in football news, we continue to hear progress for the end of an nfl lock out. could happen by friday, then the preseason would kick off in its entirety. lawyers from both sides are meeting to iron out the details and today we caught up with former ravens full back lorenzo mill who is helping out in rice's camp. >> i think you won't be short preseason. i think a lot of guys are happy because they didn't have to be involved in the otas and all this stuff.
6:55 pm
>> reporter: lawyers in new york meeting today. owners will meet in atlanta on thursday. news on the day after, the u.s. women lost that dramatic world cup final to japan, baltimore we're a soccer town. according to espn the baltimore television market had the highest ratings for the game. more than any other u.s. city. what we watched though is a heartbreaking defeat. japan making a couple of incredible come backs. eventually beating the american women in penalty kicks. but baltimore was surely tuned in more so than any other city. trying to tune in with the o's. looking for a little revenge here at the ballpark. i'll have highlights for you tonight at 11:00. back to you now. >> and we would love to see it. mark, thank you. stay with us, we will ,,,,,,,,,,
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don't miss the cbs prime time line up tonight. it is hawaii five-0. and that does it for us tonight. i'm mary bubala.
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